Embroidered Teal Shoes

19th Century


It’s doubtful that these little shoes have ever been worn for any length of time by a child. They are made from teal blue silk and are lined with ecru linen over what appears to a card template. The shoes have been lovingly embroidered round the edges in cream silk and decorated with trailing flowers. The ankle straps are fastened with mother of pearl buttons. But it is the fabric soles that spring the surprise as they too are embroidered. The toes have a slight upturn to them reminiscent of Oriental slippers so these have probably been made in China for the European export market.

The shoes are in remarkable condition. They are a little dust and age soiled but are otherwise fine. A previous owner has pencilled their name on the soles though.

Item Ref. 6758

Size: heel to toe, 127mm (5")

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