Azure Blue Bootees

Early 19th Century


Children’s shoes were often kept as keepsakes especially when much loved and well worn by a favourite child or even by a child that had sadly passed away. Dating from the early 19th century these sweet little boots have clearly been treasured and handed down through successive generations.

Quilted in azure blue, they are lines with a hessian-like material and have leather soles. They have a matching blue ribbon trim and are fastened to the side with three small glass buttons. The bootees are decorated with matching blue rosettes with crocheted beige trims.

As mentioned, these boots are pre-loved. They remain intact and robust but they display wear to the blue quilted fabric and the soles have separated from the uppers around the toe area. The soft leather soles are otherwise secure and all the buttons are present.

If only these little boots could tell us their story . . .

The final image is from our archive and is not included with the boots.

Item Ref. 6757

Size: heel to toe, 120mm (4¾")

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