William Rought

Profiles from 5 Shillings


Reverse painted on convex glass, this silhouette depicts a young gentleman wearing a frilled chemise and knotted stock, his hair fashionably brushed over his forehead. The profile is backed with a card of a slight pinkish hue.

The silhouette is set in the original papier-mâché frame with a decorative surround and star hanger. It is backed with the artist’s trade label that advertises profiles priced between 5s and £1-11s-6d, and one need only sit still for one minute!

Based in the Cornmarket in Oxford, William Rought (1775-1852) was by trade a house painter and a wood turner in the family firm. In 1803 he enlisted an ensign in the Oxford Loyal Volunteers later becoming a Captain. He moved from the Cornmarket area following his marriage in 1833.

Item Ref. 9070

Size: framed, 133 x 104mm (5¼ x 4½")