William Henry Elliott

Frederick Buck (1765-1840)


William Henry Elliott seen here as a young boy with shoulder-length hair wearing a blue coat and white shirt with a wide frilled collar, was born in Ireland in 1790. William enlisted with the 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot probably whilst in his late teens. He may have seen action during the Napoleonic wars; part of the Regiment was also sent to Canada to participate in the War of 1812. That may have given him a favourable impression of the country as in 1823, he and his family emigrated to Port Hope. It was there that he died in 1834.

The younger son of an Irish silversmith, Frederick Buck was a prolific and resourceful artist working mostly in his native Cork where his sitters comprised the local gentry and the military passing through the busy port on their way to foreign campaigns. He married twice and had at least eight children

The portrait is set in a 9ct gold frame that is also glazed on the reverse to reveal a lock of brown hair in the striking shape of a lyre laid on foiled opalescent glass with seed pearls. It is also accompanied by a small provenance label that was originally pasted to the reverse of the frame.

Item Ref. 6462

Size: framed, 68 x 58mm