To Bliss

Edward Egremont 1786


This 18th century navette mourning piece is dated 1786 and features a classical maiden seated under a symbolic weeping willow tree by a tomb surmounted with an urn. The tomb is inscribed ‘HEAVEN HAS IN STORE WT THOU HAST LOST’. Over the tomb hovers an angel with a scroll inscribed – TO BLISS.

The piece is a memorial for Edward Egremont who died 28 December 1786, aged 26. This is likely to be the Edward Egremont born 13 March 1760 in Whitgift, Goole to John Egremont and his wife Sarah (née Briers).

Painted on ivory in sepia watercolour mixed in places with finely chopped hair, it is housed in a gold setting with a white enamel border that denotes that Edward was unmarried when he died. The reverse is engraved and is fitted with a ring to wear as a pendant as well as a brooch pin. The covering glass is scratched in a couple of places but otherwise the condition is fine.

Item Ref. 6372a

Size: framed, 39 x 27mm