The Tasseled Cap

Jan Christian Valois (1809-1894)


It can often be tricky to determine whether a child depicted in a miniature is a boy or a girl as both typically wore dresses. Fortunately, thanks to an inscription on the reverse that reads Charles ? Beaufoy, we know that this is a little boy. His puffed-sleeved dress is trimmed with patterned blue and white ribbon with bows on the shoulders and a sash on the waist. This is complemented by a cute royal blue cap edged with a lace ruff and topped with a gold tassel.

The portrait is signed around the outer edge – I. C. Valois Fet. It is set in what appears to be the original gold frame that is glazed on the reverse to show the inked inscription.

Born in The Hague in 1809, Jan Christian Valois was the son of a painter and art teacher. He established a studio in his home city but later also spent time working in Rotterdam. For a few years from 1839 he enjoyed Royal patronage from King William II of the Netherlands. His work is well-noted though examples are rarely seen.

Item Ref. JH018

Size: framed, 65 x 56mm

Provenance: With Philip Mould 2002