The Striped Waistcoat

John Barry


This finely painted portrait shows a kind-looking gentleman in a powdered wig with buckles (rolled curls) wearing a grey coat over a frilled chemise, stock and blue striped waistcoat.

When viewed in a raking light, the portrait is ever so slightly bowed within the frame but is otherwise in fine condition. It is set in the original silver-gilt frame with a paste border. A few stones appear to have been replaced with old gum around a couple of these visible under magnification. The frame is stamped A.W on the reverse and has wear to the gilding.

Little is known about the London-based artist John Barry who exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1784 and 1827. Examples of his work can be viewed in the V & A Museum.

Ivory Registration: EN4CW3JP

Item Ref. 7142

Size: framed, 60 x 50mm

Provenance: Albert Kende, Vienna - 1917 ; Sotheby's - 1976 ; Walter & Gertrude Rappolt Collection, Christie's - 1998