The Squire

A. E. Chalon


With his uneasy stare, his red nose and his double chin, there’s so much character in this Regency gentleman’s face. Indeed he has the air of a country squire whose mare is impatiently stomping her feet outside whilst awaiting his return! Set against a colourful red and blue sky background, the portrait is signed Chalon.

Born in Geneva in 1780 and having come to England as a child, Alfred Edward Chalon entered the Royal Academy Schools at the age of seventeen. He had a successful career painting both watercolours and miniatures and enjoyed royal patronage. He died unmarried in 1860.

The portrait is set in a gilt metal frame that is glazed reverse to show a few brown curls laid on brown silk.

Ivory Registration: 3GGTRY63

Item Ref. 7327

Size: framed, 79 x 65mm + ring