The Spy Glass

Circa 1830


This lady looks so very prim in her Sunday-best dress with its fashionably wide sleeves that emphasis her slim waist. The wide-shouldered dress is worn with a spotted fill-in, the ruff collar fastened with a blue ribbon bow. Her gold hoop earrings match the brooch on her corsage and the two clips on her waistband into which she has tucked her spying glass. Perhaps what catches the eye most though is the large tortoiseshell comb that sits on top of her black ringleted hair. Sadly her details are lost to history.

Painted on ivory, the portrait is in fine condition and resides behind convex glass in what appears to be the original papier-mâché frame with a decorative surround and floral hanger.

Item Ref. 6904

Size: framed, 160 x 133mm (6¼ x 5¼")