The Rosebud Dress

Cut Paper Profile


This wonderful folky profile dating from the late eighteenth century has been a labour of love. Cut in sections – the main body, the head, the arm, the shoes, the ribbon bow – it has then been assembled and cleverly painted. Her dress patterned with rosebuds and trailing leaves is so striking as is her over-sized dormeuse cap.

The piece is unique in being a crossover between a cut silhouette and a watercolour portrait. The figure has been laid on fabric that has been affixed to a wooden board such as would normally be a backing board to a frame. The fabric shows some light wrinkling but that will be as it has always been. Sadly, there is no clue as to the creator of the work but for it to have survived is at least testament to how it has been appreciated and treasured since.

Although in remarkably good condition, there is fading to the background fabric and some discolouration to the apron and the skirt as well as slight paint loss to the blue sash though the latter is only visible under magnification.

The profile is housed in the original ebonised frame with an inner gilded (dulled in colour) border. The frame is rough at the joints and shabby chic but that just suits it perfectly.

Item Ref. 6637

Size: framed, 372 x 268mm (14½ x 10½")