The Red Coat

John Barry

£600 - Reserved

Georgian gentlemen favoured brightly coloured coats and so this gentleman is staying fashionable with his red coat and yellow waistcoat that is just visible. During the 1780s frock coats had large buttons, ‘as large as crown pieces’, and high collars. With his hair powdered, the gentleman gazes at us with his dark eyebrows quizzically raised.

The portrait has a curved chip to the ivory at the top edge about 11 o’clock. This is mostly concealed by the twisted surround and is difficult to pick out with the camera. Otherwise the miniature is in fine condition.

Painted by John Barry who exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1784 and 1827, the portrait is set with a twisted brass surround within a gold frame with a brooch fitting on the back.

Item Ref. JH011

Size: framed, 56 x 45mm