The Pearl Necklace

Andrew Robertson


Pearls have always been considered luxurious and this lady’s triple strand necklace with its decorative centrepiece is no exception. The use of colour in this portrait – the purple bodice, the gold shawl and the red flower – is particularly attractive as is the darkening hues of the evening sky. What is also of interest is that the lady appears to be ‘enceinte’.

Although unsigned, the portrait is firmly attributed to the hand of the Scottish artist Andrew Robertson (1777-1845). The youngest son of an Aberdeen architect, he initially studied medicine but, when his parents could no longer afford the fees, turned to painting miniatures and theatre sets. Whilst his two brothers, also miniature painters, moved to New York to work, Andrew entered the Royal Academy Schools in London. He was later appointed miniature painter to the Duke of Sussex and had a distinguished clientele. His work is critically acclaimed.

The portrait is in fine condition and resides in the original gold frame, the reverse with foiled blue glass surrounding an aperture of plaited hair overlaid with initials in seed pearls.

Item Ref. 6777

Size: framed, 90 x 77mm