The Lappet Cap

James Holmes (1777-1860)


This early Victorian silhouette is particularly remarkable for the fine costume detailing that the artist has achieved, from the lady’s Victoria sleeves that are pleated on the shoulder, puffed around the elbow and then tight down to the wrist to the large buckle on her waist and especially her cap with its layers of frills and side lappets that cover her ears.

The silhouette is painted in dead black with shades of grey, the details added using gum arabic and gilding. It is signed underneath – ‘J. Holmes, April 1842’. it is presented in a handsome rosewood ogee frame with a gilt slip.

Born in Clerkenwell, James Holmes studied at the Royal Academy Schools before becoming a drawing master in Worcester. He also spent time at the court of George IV where he sang and played music to the King.

Item Ref. 6176

Size: framed, 211 x 193mm (8⅛ x 7⅝")