The Hair Bow

Circa 1790


Set against an atmospheric sky, this well-painted portrait shows a lady in a white dress with a stiffly frilled neckline, and a sky blue surcoat richly trimmed with pearls and with slashed sleeves, her curls powdered and dressed with a ribbon bandeau tied in a neat bow.

The portrait is set in what appears to be the original gold frame that is glazed on the back to show thickly plaited brown hair.

The portrait has previously been attributed to the Welsh artist Moses Griffith (1747-1819). This was based upon comparison with a group of watercolour portraits on card from the Thomas Pennant and Earl of Denbigh collection that were sold by Sotheby’s in London in 1962. There is no real evidence though that Griffith ever painted portrait miniatures in this format.

Item Ref. 7379

Size: framed, 82 x 65mm

Provenance: Sotheby's 19 Nov. 1984