The Gust of Wind

Jacques Victor Bouis (b.1893)


Upon first sight it appears that this lady is being chased by an over-sized butterfly whereas, in reality, it is her hat that has been caught by a gust of wind and blown off! Riding side-saddle on a handsome chestnut mare, the lady is elegantly attired in a green riding habit with striped lapels, a tall neck cloth and dainty black slippers. Her matching hat is trimmed with gold ribbon.

The portrait is signed vertically along the right hand edge, Jacques V Bouis. Born in Marseilles in 1893, Bouis worked in Paris, London and in the United States. He exhibited at the Paris Salon and the Society of Miniaturists.

The portrait is in fine condition and is set in a narrow wooden frame with a brass surround. It is curiously backed with an old French banknote from 1793 Year 2 of the Republic and inscribed in the artist’s hand with the painting’s title and the artist’s address in Marseilles, suggesting that the miniature was exhibited.

Item Ref. 6766

Size: framed, 100 x 110mm