The Grown-Up Doll

Robert Hancock, 1837


This striking portrait may have been commissioned to mark the child’s birthday with the doll likely being her special birthday gift. Wearing a grown-up style of dress and lacy cap, the doll’s features are strangely animated and adult-like contrasting with the innocent and trusting expression of the toddler.

Watercolour on card, dated September 1837 on the reverse and signed ‘Rt Hk Jr’ for Robert Hancock, Junior. It is housed in what appears to be the original dark wood frame with a gilt slip. Apart from a small blemish to the background, the portrait is in good original condition.

Robert Hancock worked in Bristol during the 1830s. He was probably the son of Robert Hancock Sen., an engraver and Worcester porcelain painter.

Item Ref. 7403

Size: framed, 350 x 383mm (13¾ x 15")