The Gold Watch

Silhouette Conversation Piece


Silhouette conversation pieces often give a glimpse into Georgian family life with this example capturing a tender moment between young parents and their child. Wearing a frilly cap and a pretty dress, the child’s attention is held by the gold watch dangled by his/her father.

Painted on card with well-executed bronzing and dating from the 1820s, the silhouette is well-detailed and has a watercolour wash backdrop. It is housed in a handsome bird’s eye maple veneer frame with a deep flat profile.

The silhouette has some marks and short surface scratches as well as some mysterious white spots to the unpainted areas. None of these spoil the overall charm and attraction of the silhouette.

Item Ref. 6432

Size: framed, 350 x 424mm (13¾ x 16⅝")