The Gold Earring

Samuel Cotes RA


Close viewing of this gentleman reveals him to be wearing a gold stud earring, an unusual feature for a Georgian gentleman of middle years. He is stylishly dressed in a cerulean blue coat over a matching waistcoat, white stock and lace cravat, his powdered wig worn en queue and tied with a black ribbon bow.

The miniature is signed and dated S C / 1763 and resides in the original gold bracelet style frame with the later addition of a hanging ring. The glass is lightly scratched but the miniature itself is in fine and clean condition.

Born in London in 1734 to an Anglo-Irish family, Samuel Cotes was originally expected to take over his father’s apothecary business but, influenced by his older brother Francis, he opted instead for a career as a portrait artist. Cotes exhibited between 1760 and 1789. Following his death in 1818 at the age of 84, the auction of his household goods included several pastels by his brother as well as a chamber organ, two telescopes and, from his father’s day, a capital electrifying machine such as was used for the preparation of drugs.

Item Ref. 6842

Size: 34 x 29mm + clasps