The Birds’ Nest

J. A. Gibbs, circa 1820


It would appear that these naughty boys have stolen a bird’s nest containing two blue eggs. Even though they’ve been caught in the act, they don’t look at all remorseful! Let’s hope they replaced it once the artist had captured the moment.

The children are clearly siblings: the oldest boy is dressed in pink, a colour that was at that time considered masculine; the youngest boy is in an ochre dress. The boys are shown in a landscape backdrop with autumnal trees and a hint of water.

The portrait is signed bottom left J A Gibbs and is presented with convex glass in a later gilt metal frame that is enclosed on the back. The miniature and the frame are both in fine condition.

The artist may be the Miss Gibbs listed as working in the Cornwall area during the 1820s.

Item Ref. 6793

Size: framed, 84 x 112mm

Provenance: Bonhams, Nov. 1994