Thomas Hazlehurst


Although this is is just a half-length portrait, it’s apparent that the lady depicted here is tall and slender. With her hair in natural cropped curls, she wears a very simple cross-over style dress with no ornamentation or jewellery.

Dating to about 1790, the portrait is signed bottom left T.H for Thomas Hazlehurst. It is housed in the original gold frame that is also glazed on the reverse to show cream silk that may actually be the same fabric as her dress.

Having been a pupil to Sir Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Hazlehurst (c1740-1821) lived and worked in the Liverpool area. He and his wife had thirteen children; his eldest son also became a miniaturist but died tragically young.


Item Ref. 9120

Size: framed, 73 x 62mm

Provenance: UK Private Collection