Simplicity with Elegance

John Miers


John Miers was the master of creating elegant profiles without the use of embellishment. His profiles were painted on bright white plaster of paris using black pine soot mixed with beer to create a sharp contrast. Barring accidents, the plaster bases have generally stood the test of time so the profiles remain as crisp and as effective today as evidenced by this fine example.

The lady (her story sadly now lost to history) is shown with her upswept hair secured with a comb and with wispy curls on her forehead. The silhouette is presented in the original papier-mâché frame with an ormulu surround made by Miers’ son William and an emblems hanger. It is backed with the artist’s trade label no. 12.

Item Ref. 6655

Size: framed, 153 x 136mm (6 x 5⅜")

Provenance: Ex. Diana Joll collection