Plus Memorial Piece


Although painted by different hands, this little family group of miniatures have been preserved together for over two hundred years and will hopefully continue to do so. The group includes miniature portraits of young siblings: the boy in a blue coat with matching waistcoat over a wide-collared shirt; the girl in a white dress trimmed with blue ribbon.

Accompanying them is a memorial brooch beautifully painted in sepia with chopped hair and featuring an urn on a classical pedestal situated under a weeping willow tree. The urn is dedicated to E.R. who died on 12th November 1788, aged 78. Given that the miniatures are late 18th century, the memorial piece is presumed to relate to a grandparent of the children.

The miniatures and the brooch are each housed in the original gold frames and, apart from a little dust on the boy’s jacket, are in fine condition.

Item Ref. 6414

Size: framed miniatures, 40 x 30mm