George Hargreaves


This well-painted portrait shows a young sandy-haired gentleman of florid complexion neatly dressed in a double-breasted coat, off-white waistcoat with a standing collar, and a frilled chemise. He stands in a garden landscape with trees set against a blue sky.

The portrait is signed on the reverse – Hargreaves pinxt / 1810 – and is set in the original gilt metal frame that is glazed front and back.

Born in Liverpool in 1797 to Thomas Hargreaves and his wife Sophia Shaw, George Thomas Hargreaves followed in his father’s footsteps when he took up miniature painting. In April 1824 he eloped with 17-year old Esther Fargher Quayle, marrying her at Gretna Green. It would seem that their families quickly forgave the couple though as they were married again back home in Liverpool the following month with the permission of Esther’s father and a special license. The couple had a daughter, Sophia, and a son, George Aubrey, who both became music teachers. George Sen. spent most of his working life in Liverpool painting miniatures and teaching drawing. He died in 1869 at the age of 72.

Ivory Registration: 5ZQ37PWM

Item Ref. 7329

Size: framed, 85 x 73mm

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