Rugged Mr B

Charles Jagger (1773-1827)

£1,300 - Reserved

Meticulously painted and with fine detailing, this gentleman has a confident no-nonsense look. His features are particularly well drafted: steely blue eyes, heavy arched eyebrows and distinctive five o’clock shadow. He is set against a stippled and hatched background, a recognised trait of Jagger’s work.

Born in Norwich in 1773, Charles was the middle of three surviving sons born to Benjamin Jagger, a carver and gilder by trade, and Mary, the daughter of a carver and gilder. The boys would have grown up surrounded by picture frames and art and this may have been what inspired Charles to take up painting. He married a local lady, Ann Gardiner, the daughter of a groom from Bury St Edmunds in 1801. The couple did not have any children.

In search of commissions, Charles moved to Bath at the height of its popularity as a spa town where he was better assured of a steady and well-heeled clientele. He worked initially from a studio in Green Street before moving to the more fashionable Milsom Street, made memorable to Jane Austen fans by being conversed about in Northanger Abbey. His father died in 1821 making Charles his sole benefactor. Charles only outlived him by six years when he in turn left his entire estate to his wife.

There is minor paint loss to the brass buttons on the gentleman’s coat. Otherwise the miniature is in fine condition. It is mounted within a gold frame (tests for 14ct), the reverse glazed to reveal plaited brown hair with the initial B in gold overlaid.

Item Ref. TS006

Size: framed, 80 x 70mm + hanger