Regency Belle

Style of Thomas Richmond


“She looks very well, and her hair is done up with an elegance to do credit to any education.”

Thus wrote Jane Austen in 1813 of her friend Charlotte Craven. The compliment could equally be applied to this young lady, her brown hair twisted up and ornamented by a narrow black ribbon with curls framing her face. She wears a décolleté empire-line dress with a narrow ribbon sash and buttons on the sleeves. To protect her modesty she has a white lawn fill-in and has accessorised her dress with a brooch on her corsage and a rope of creamy pearls.

The portrait has a few dark specks just under the waistband but otherwise retains its fresh colours. A straight edge to the base can just be seen within the frame on the right hand side. The portrait is set in a later gilt metal frame backed with green velvet. The glass has a very tiny surface scratch.

Ivory Registration: W82VE7VH

Item Ref. 6979

Size: framed, 97 x 78mm