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Circa 1840


The use of colour in silhouettes is unusual and was only practised by a known handful of British silhouette artists. In this skilfully painted and well-detailed example, brown and red watercolour has been used for the pedestal table and for the chair. Gilding has also been used to highlight the pages of the caster on the table leg, the lady’s book and her jewellery – a long guard chain and a small brooch – whilst the lace on her cuffs, the transparent pèlerine over her shoulders and her cornet cap with its raised caul at the back have all been painted in Chinese white.

The silhouette resides in a traditional maple veneer frame with a gilt slip and old glass. The frame has suffered old losses to the veneer; the silhouette is in fine condition.

Item Ref. 5293

Size: framed, 290 x 238mm (11⅜ x 9⅜")