Picking Flowers

Circa 1840


This striking silhouette depicts three young siblings in a garden landscape: most likely two girls on the left, one holding a basket of colourful flowers, the other a yellow bloom with their brother facing them with a toy whip in his hand. All have frilly pantaloons, white ankle socks and buckled shoes.

Interestingly, grey paper has been used for the profiles instead of the normal black. The figures have then been finely embellished with watercolour and Chinese white.  The youngest children are in matching blue dresses with ribbon bows on the sleeves whilst the eldest is in green. The flowers and the whip are painted additions.

Unsigned, the silhouette may possibly be by H. and J. Walter who were active around this time and who typically used dove grey paper. They were also noted for their use of colour. The quality of the cutting and the painting is though of a much superior standard than is normally associated with their work. The silhouette is set in the original rosewood frame with a gilt slip.

Item Ref. 6379

Size: framed, 408 x 502mm (16 x 19¾")