Pendant Silhouette

John Field (1772-1848)


John Field worked alongside John Miers in his London studio from the 1790s until Miers’ death in 1821, at which time he entered into a short-lived partnership with Miers’ son. That business filed for bankruptcy though in 1829.

Whereas John Miers specialised in painting silhouettes without the use of embellishment, John Field was a master of gilding producing finely detailed work on paper, plaster and, as here, on ivory. This profile shows a gentleman with side-whiskers wearing a double-breasted coat, waistcoat and stock. It is signed ‘Miers’ under the bust-line – the business was after all owned by Miers.

The silhouette is set in the original gold pendant frame that is glazed on the reverse to reveal brown plaited hair.

Item Ref. 6330

Size: framed, 42 x 32mm

Provenance: Dr. Donald Scott collection