Pearls and Lace

Thomas Hazlehurst


With dark circles under her eyes and her tight-lipped smile, the artist has created an honest portrait that conveys the character of his sitter. Wearing a day dress with a lace collar, the lady’s only ornamentation is the lace and pearls that are wound round the bandeau in her upswept hair.

The portrait is signed bottom right with the initials T. H. and is housed in a 9ct gold frame that is enclosed reverse.

Having studied under Sir Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Hazlehurst (c.1740-c.1821) lived and worked in the Liverpool area. He and his wife had thirteen children; his eldest son also became a miniature painter though he died young.

Item Ref. CP5

Size: framed, 86 x 66mm

Provenance: Sotheby's, October 1978