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This middle-aged gentleman has powdered his hair but not his side whiskers giving him a quirky piebald look! Some of the hair powder has even spilled on to the collar of his coat. Set against a stormy blue backdrop, this is a well-painted portrait that captures the character of the sitter.

Another insight into the creation of the piece is the wonderful misspelt instruction penned on the reverse of the portrait –

A Pictur glass this size by 3 o’Clock if you’d oblidge¬† –¬† A Brand

Given that Brand is not listed as a miniature artist, the note was probably added by the jeweller who was commissioned to supply a case or frame for the portrait and reminds us of the working relationship there would have been between the artist and the jeweller.

The portrait resides in a handsome gold frame with a watch top and is in good condition.

Item Ref. 5977

Size: framed, 78 x 65mm + hanger