Napoleon’s Ghost

Beadwork Puzzle Picture


Following the death in 1821 of Napoleon Bonaparte whilst in exile on Saint Helena and his burial there in the Valley of the Willows, several puzzle prints were published showing his shadowy figure between the trees.

This beadwork picture has been based on one such print and shows the ghostly figure of Napoleon hidden between the trees and overlooking his own grave. The ship flying the tricolour probably represents the frigate Belle Poule that transported Napoleon’s body back to France in 1840. The scene is set within a Greek keyline and scrolled border.

Beadwork has been a popular leisure activity amongst young ladies from Tudor times. During the 19th century it was used to create a diverse range of items from small purses and pin cushions to seat covers and ambitious pictures.

Dating to around 1840, the beadwork is set in a contemporary oak frame and is in excellent condition.

Item Ref. 6686

Size: framed, 279 x 229mm (11 x 9")