Mrs C. Yorke

Circa 1805


This early nineteenth century portrait of a young Regency lady, named Anne Yorke, is delightful for the period costume detail that it includes. Seated on a simple bar-back chair, Anne is shown wearing a muslin dress with a high waistline marked by a ribbon tie, and a tall neckline that terminates with a ruff under her chin. The dress is teamed with a pretty spotted voile cap trimmed with blue flowers.

The portrait is presented in a traditional papier-mâché frame with an acorn hanger and with a partial inscription reverse – ‘Mrs. C. F. Yorke / née Anne Newsam’. A partial date – 12th 1844 – has been added in a different hand and is possibly a record of her death.

Item Ref. 6132

Size: framed, 130 x 111mm (5⅛ x 4⅜")