Mr Tucker

Richard Crosse


This pale-faced gentleman is wearing a powdered ‘physical’ wig with frizzed hair at the back, a style of wig that was much favoured by professional gentlemen especially doctors. Colour and depth is added to the portrait by the burgundy coat.

The portrait is set in gilt metal frame with an attractive twisted border. A later inscription on the reverse of this portrait suggests that the sitter is a Mr Tucker.

A native of Devonshire, Richard Crosse (1742-1810) was born deaf and dumb, as was one of his sisters. He began painting miniatures as a hobby and in 1758 won a prize at the Society of Arts that inspired him to study art. He became a successful artist and built up a distinguished clientele that included royalty. He fell in love with his cousin, Miss Cobley, but she did not reciprocate and married elsewhere, the disappointment reportedly turning him into a misanthrope.

Item Ref. 6825

Size: 36 x 30mm + surround