Mr Morry in Profile

Charles Hayter, 1786


The delicately featured Mr Morry is shown in profile wearing a blue coat and a carefully coiffured wig with rolled curls, known as buckles, and a thick Ramillies plait that would undoubtedly have swung as he walked.

Drawn in pastel, the portrait is housed with a narrow card mount in the original pressed brass frame that is backed by the rarely seen trade label for the artist Charles Hayter (1761-1835) of No. 279, opposite Norfolk Street, Strand. The label is inscribed with the sitter’s name W. G. (or Mr G.) Morry and dated Febry 1786 when the artist was just in his twenties.

Born in London, Hayter entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1786. He later taught perspective in drawing to Princess Charlotte and wrote An Introduction to Perspective which went through several printings. Following his death in December 1835 at the age of 75, he was described as “a kind-hearted, intelligent and upright man” . . . “a justly-celebrated portrait-painter in crayons and miniature”. Art was not his only accomplishment though as he was also “extremely ingenious in mechanical contrivances” and published many scientific papers.

In original condition and drawn with a sense of spontaneity, this is an excellent example of the artist’s early work before he had received any formal training.

Item Ref. 6651

Size: framed, 158 x 128mm (6ΒΌ x 5")