Mr C. in 1777

Samuel Cotes


This gentleman’s florid complexion suggests he may have indulged in an extra glass of port before sitting for his portrait! Dressed in a turquoise coat trimmed with gold braid and with his powdered wig neatly tied with black ribbon, he is now only known by the three initials – C.W.C. – scratched onto the reverse of the frame.

The portrait is signed S C and dated 1777. It is set in the original gold bracelet style frame with the addition of a hanging ring.

Samuel Cotes trained initially as an apothecary under his father but chose instead to follow his older brother’s example by becoming a professional artist. He exhibited miniatures from 1760. Cotes enjoyed a long career and was in his 85th year when he died at his London home in March 1818.

APHA Registered

Item Ref. 9054M

Size: 40 x 33mm + hanger