Military Dress

Early 19th Century


Officers in the Georgian era were expected to buy their own uniform. Those who could afford to, shopped at Schweitzer and Davidson’s on Cork Street where the Prince Regent and Beau Brummell headed the preferential clientele list. Military dress could be expensive especially if the coat was to be heavy with silver frogging or braid.

Wearing a powdered wig tied at the back with black ribbon, this gentleman’s coat has cream facings with silver braid and buttons and a silver epaulette.

Set against a blue-grey stippled background, the portrait has been skillfully well painted and is reminiscent of works by Richard Cosway. It is set in a gilt metal frame that is glazed on the reverse to show three curls of dark hair tied with gold wire and laid on cream silk.

Item Ref. 5785

Size: framed, 85 x 68mm