Le Beau Fop

French School


During the eighteenth century France led the way for male fashions and the elaborate dress of French gentlemen was the envy of English tourists of the day. French silks were considered better quality than English silks and were cheaper which is why the English government banned them in 1749. This led to the seizure by Customs of reams of silk and embroidered fabrics as well as countless fancy waistcoats and men’s coats. Although embracing the trend for coloured silks and coiffured wigs, this delicately featured young gentleman’s choice of attire shows restraint though his arched eyebrows and steely stare give him an undeniable air of haughtiness.

Nicely painted, the portrait is set in the original rolled gold frame that is glazed reverse to show the gentleman’s initials monogrammed in gold and laid on brown hair within a decorative gold border. There is a tiny scratch to the glass on the obverse at 2 o’clock; the frame is fitted with a brooch pin.

APHA Registered

Item Ref. 7478

Size: framed, 64 x 48mm