Lady Rose

Anthony Stewart


Born in September 1834, Lady Rose Sophia Mary Fane was the youngest of seven children so she would have been adored and petted by all the family! Her parents were John Fane, Lord Burghersh, 11th Earl of Westmoreland and Priscilla Anne Wellesley-Pole of Hyde Park Terrace. Her father was a soldier and a politician but also a talented violinist and prolific composer and a founder of the Royal Academy of Music. Her well-connected mother was a linguist and artist. Surrounded by so much cultural activity, it’s comes as no surprise that, at the age of 31, Lady Rose married the society painter Henry Weigall. The couple had 7 children. She was 86 when she died in 1921.

Painted in 1836 at the age of 22 months by the Scottish artist Anthony Stewart, Lady Rose is shown wearing a pretty white dress trimmed with blue ribbon and a matching lace cap, with a coral bead necklace to keep her safe.

The portrait is set with a card mount within a decorative gilt metal frame. It is inscribed on the backing paper – Rose Sophia Mary / Fane / Aged 22 months / July 1836.

Anthony Stewart (1773-1846) was born in Crieff and educated in Edinburgh. He trained under Alexander Nasmyth and initially devoted himself to landscapes before turning to miniature portraiture working in Edinburgh before moving to London where he attracted a distinguished clientele that included royalty. He is best acclaimed for his portraits of children of which there are several examples in the Royal Collection.

Item Ref. 7293

Size: framed, 105 x 105mm