Jewellery Silhouettes

Miers and Field


John Miers and John Field both painted exquisite miniature silhouettes to be set in gold and worn as personal jewellery. On offer (and available separately) are three such pieces.

1.   John Miers (showing bottom row) – a beautifully painted silhouette of a young lady wearing a dress with a frilled neckline, her curled hair arranged in a small top knot. Signed Miers under bust-line and set in the original gold pendant frame with a hanging ring, the reverse is also glazed to reveal neatly plaited brown hair. Size: 30 x 24mm

2.   John Field (showing top right) – a small silhouette pin that may have been worn by the young lady’s sweetheart on his shirt frill as was the fashion. Painted around 1805, the sitter is shown wearing a chic short-waisted dress and a beaded necklace, her hair swept back in a knot with curls framing her face. Set in the original gold frame with a decorative inner border, the reverse with a small glazed aperture filled with neatly plaited brown hair. Inevitably there is dust under the glass; the original glass also has some scratches and marks none of which detract from the beauty of this desirable piece. Size: 26 x 22mm

John Miers (1758-1821) preferred the simplicity and grace of a black profile without the addition of gilt embellishment. His black profiles contrast well against the white base with details, such as this lady’s frilled collar, achieved by thinning the black pigment to add texture.

John Field (1772-1848) on the other hand was a master at embellishment and produced skilfully gilded profiles rich in detail. Both men worked together from a studio in the Strand, their partnership and friendship ending only upon Miers’ death.

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