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Francis Torond


Painted on laid paper, this small silhouette shows a lady wearing her hair in a chignon with a row of stiff curls at the back, a style that was fashionable during the 1780s.¬†Although unsigned, the treatment of the lace rendered with diagonal lines with crosses and dots is typical of Torond’s style. The shape of his bust-lines varied and is known to have included this double-loop finish.

The silhouette is housed in what could be the original oval brass-faced frame. It is backed with lovely old faded brocade.

Recent genealogical research has shown that Francis Torond was born in 1743, the only child of Sarah Austen and Francis Torond living at St Paul Covent Garden, the area currently occupied by Covent Garden market. In January 1757 he was apprenticed to a local engraver, John Sebastian. Three years later, in June 1760 he married Elisabeth Picard. Following the death of Elisabeth in 1768, Francis then married Ann Houltum (1750-1817) with whom he had four children. His career as an engraver was successful enough to permit him to take on Jno Sawer as an apprentice in 1770. Francis Torond died in June 1812 at the age of 69 and was buried at Spa Fields, Clerkenwell.

Item Ref. 4338

Size: framed, 94 x 74mm (4 x 3")