Ill-Fated Lovers

Unframed Love Token


The popular story of Celadon and Amelia derives from the ‘Summer’ section of James Thompson’s 1727 poem The Seasons in which the young lovers are startled during their rural walk by a sudden storm. Celadon protects Amelia from the lightning  but to no avail as she is fatally struck. The lovers’ fate has subsequently been interpreted by many artists including Angelica Kauffman whose painting, as then engraved by Bartolozzi, has been the inspirational source for this miniature.

Painted on ivory in sepia colours, this early 19th century navette-shaped miniature would have been intended either to be framed within a pendant or on the reverse side of a portrait miniature. It is one of a small group of sepia miniatures that may have come from an artist’s sample card – there are traces of gum and blue fabric on the reverse side. This would explain the freshness and crispness of the colours.

Please note this piece is unframed.

Item Ref. 8864a

Size: 40 x 22mm