Highly Coiffured

Circa 1760


During the mid to late eighteenth century ladies counterbalanced their absurdly wide dresses by adding extra height to their hairstyles. The hair was pulled up and strained over a horsehair or wool cushion on the top of the head with a hanging chignon to the back. Creating these styles was time-consuming so they needed to be worn for days, even weeks, often becoming whiffy. Wearing a blue dress with a patterned border edged with lace, this lady has adopted a moderately high hairstyle.

The portrait is in good condition though there is some discoloration to the white lace caused by oxidation of the opaque white. It is set in the original gold bracelet frame with a hanging ring. The frame lacks the bottom clasp and has minor dings to the reverse side.

Ivory Registration: AQTKP5P9

Item Ref. 7028

Size: 37 x 31mm + clasp