Looking Peachy

Isaac Wane Slater


There’s an old saying that if you want ‘to get noticed, get a hat’ and that is just what the young lady has done. Her eye-catching bonnet is beautifully trimmed with a peach and white rosette with long ribbons tied under her neck in a loose bow. Her bonnet, along with her traditionally white empire-line dress, contrast well with her long dark curls, brown eyes and florid complexion.

The portrait is set in the original gold frame and is glazed on the reverse to show neatly plaited brown hair.

Isaac Wane Slater (1785-1836) was the son of an established portrait artist and honed his skill working alongside his two equally talented brothers under the guidance of their father.

APHA Registration: HFQQXT83

Item Ref. 5851

Size: framed, 77 x 63mm + hanger