Garant d’un Ami Sincere

Circa 1780


This gentleman with his flyaway hair and long thin pigtail tied with ribbon has a flair about him and one can imagine being him being a creative artist – a novelist or poet perhaps. His complexion is sun tanned and his eyes intensely blue matching his choice of coat.

Indeed the artist has used a predominantly blue palette throughout as, when studied with a glass, not only are his eyebrows surprisingly blue but there are blue wisps in his hair. Cleverly though this is not apparent when the portrait is viewed normally.

In fine condition, the portrait is set in the original gold frame, the reverse glazed to reveal neatly plaited hair overlaid with monogrammed initials within an enamel and gold crest surmounted with an urn and encircled with the motto ‘Garant dun Ami Sincere’ – the guarantor of a good friend.

Item Ref. 5168

Size: framed, 55 x 45mm