Cut Paper Cowslip

19th Century


This pretty botanical picture of a cowslip is actually made from cut paper and is well detailed showing the sepals on the flowerheads and the veins on the leaves. The artist is unknown but he/she was without doubt influenced by the work of Mrs Mary Delany (1700-1788) who, at
the age of 72, began to create botanically accurate ‘paper mosaicks’ in hand-coloured tissue paper. She frequently pursued her work in company and lamented that ‘so few would attempt it’. Failing eyesight obliged her to give up her occupation after ten years but by then she had filled ten albums of Flora which are now preserved in the British Museum in London.

There is small loss to one of the petals but otherwise the paper cut is in fine condition.

Frame: Period ebonied frame with a gilded border.

Item Ref. 4958

Size: framed, 166 x 125mm (6½ x 5")