The Greenwoods

Unrecorded Artist


This pair of silhouettes of Mr and Mrs Greenwood are reverse painted on convex glass and housed in matching papier-mâché frames. The profile of Mrs Greenwood is painted in black pigment on the face and dress with thinned pigment used to render her cap, shawl and tippet. Mr Greenwood’s face is also painted in black pigment though his coat is painted in a deep shade of brown with thinned pigment used for his cravat and high collar. Both silhouettes have some details scratched in using a needle.

One profile is signed in pencil ‘By T. C. Dingam’ on the reverse. Dingham is hitherto unrecorded as a silhouette artist.

Item Ref. 6119

Size: framed, 145 x 119mm (5¾ x 4⅝")