Elegant Georgian Couple

Unrecorded Artist


This pair of silhouettes, well-painted in black and shades of grey, is by an unrecorded silhouettist known only by the initials D R. Dated 1807, the lady wears a fashionable empire-line dress with a ruff collar fill-in and a beaded necklace tied with ribbon, her hair upswept. Her husband has a short pigtail wig with his hair ruffled à la Titus and wears a frilled chemise with a stock tied at the front.

Painted on card, both profiles are signed on the reverse – D: R: delint / 1807. They are set in the original papier-mâché frames with convex glass and matching floral hangers.

Item Ref. 7112

Size: framed, 149 x 133mm

Provenance: Philips, 12 October 1976