Eight Hearts in One

Cut Paper & Watercolour


TA is you my dear I do admire
And your sweet charm that I desire
And with my heart I resolved to be
For ever constant unto thee

This is one of eight verses penned within the eight cut hearts that make up this unique and wonderful early 19th century Valentine. Each heart also features watercolour vignettes of flowers with one showing a couple under a tree with a love bird flying in to deliver this letter. The only clue to the recipient are the initials TA (or JA?) in one verse. There’s no apparent clue to the sender’s identity.

The Valentine was designed to be folded so inevitably a small hole has developed at the central point. One of the sections has also broken off but, as it’s without loss, this can easily be positioned in place were the Valentine to be framed for display.

When opened out, the Valentine measures 375mm max. in both directions; when folded the floral shape measures approx. 200mm max.

These early hand-made Valentines are rare and special survivors that speak of romance and undying love.

Item Ref. 7588

Size: 375mm max.