Master and Commander

Edward Kittoe


Edward Kittoe was born in 1768 in the harbour town of Ramsgate. His father, George, was a purser on HMS Jason; he died in 1770 when Edward was just 18 months old leaving his wife Margaret with four children under the age of twelve and a fifth child yet to be born.

Edward, like his four brothers, opted for a career in the Royal Navy joining in 1794 and serving first as a Lieutenant on HMS Pelican in the Caribbean. By 1803 he was promoted to Captain; he served on various ships including HMS Britannia, HMS Argus and HMS Sabrina. In 1814 Kittoe returned to dry land and two years later, at the age of 48, married Elizabeth Hayward. The couple had a daughter and a son but Edward died in 1823 whilst the children were still toddlers.

Edward Kittoe is pictured here against a blue sky backdrop in his naval uniform and powdered wig worn en queue. The miniature is in fine condition and is presented in the original gold frame that is glazed on the reverse to show plaited brown hair.

Item Ref. 6802

Size: framed, 81 x 69mm