Edward Dominicus Kittoe

American Hero


Born in Maidstone in June 1814, Edward Dominicus was the fifth child of Robinson Kittoe RN and his wife Harriet Eliza Dominicus. He is pictured here as a boy in a military red coat with a cross belt and gold epaulette to denote the rank of junior officer. Kittoe’s military career in Britain was, however, short-lived as records show that he had  arrived in New York by the time he was eighteen years old.

From this point, Kittoe’s career is well-documented. He graduated from Pennsylvania Medical College and initially practised medicine in Galena before being commissioned as a surgeon in the 45th Illinois Infantry. Promotion followed until he joined the personal staff of Ulysses S. Grant in 1863 before being appointed as the medical director of the Army of the Tennessee during the American Civil War. His commendable service during the war was duly rewarded.

In his personal life, he married Elizabeth Feister in 1836 at the age of 22. The couple had eight children. Edward Dominicus Kittoe died and was buried in Galena in September 1887.

The portrait is handsomely painted and has until now been preserved within the Kittoe family. It is in fine condition and is set in a gold plated frame that is glazed on the reverse to show neatly plaited brown hair.

Item Ref. 6803

Size: framed, 79 x 62mm

Provenance: By family descent